The Musings of a Woman Behind Bars.....

I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. Just want to be clear on that. But there are a few indisputable things I've learned that I'd like to share.

The power of toast is greatly underrated.
Your bed is the most accurate psychologist you'll ever have.
And finally... well let's leave that for another time.

I've actually spent way too much time developing an entire "theory of life" around those, one that explains everything except how one fabric softener sheet can sashay around inside the dryer and get every little inch of laundry soft. Just one. WTF? But those deep thoughts are explained elsewhere on the web in random musings I scatter about on other blogs like a cheap, shameless cyber-lawn sprinkler.

"Impossible," you say. "Those indisputable things explain nothing."

Whatever. I bet you're the person who likes to party with the fifth dentist who was overthinking the whole Trident recommendation. So let me assure you, the mysterious third Great Thought explains a lot. Really pulls the whole thing together.

For now, here are some links and 'net finds that I hope will entertain you as they have me. The purpose of this particular blog of mine is simply to serve as an online trough for links people are always asking me to give them. Again. And "once more, please. "

So here you go people. I hope you are able to waste as much time with these as I have.


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    Shots Seen Round the World

    Frescoes in the Hall by Trey Ratcliff (Rights Reserved)

    One of my current favorite photographers is a guy by the name of Trey Ratcliff.
    About Trey Ratcliff Link
    Stuck In Customs Online Blog

    Vampire in the Church in Naples by Trey Ratcliff (Rights Reserved)

    He's one cool guy, in my opinion. He seems to have figured out how to do this "life" thing pretty well. Family, business, travel, creativity... not an easy cake to bake.
    Here is what he wrote about himself:

    Artist Bio - Trey Ratcliff
    "Photography is my right brain activity to keep myself balanced. I have a unique approach to photography because of my computer science and math background, and I seek to use cutting edge software technology to change the way people’s brains process pictures and pattern-match.
    On the weekends while traveling, I usually grab my iPod and go get lost to find interesting adventures with my camera. I use a Nikon D2X, in case you were wonderin’. In the picture below, I hung out with some Amish children for the day, but I prefer to hang out with my own children, who are considerably better at video games."

    He shoots a lot of HDR as he travels around the world. The images are visually stunning with gorgeous colors and rich layers. What is interesting is that it is often difficult to tell which pictures he has shot in HDR and which are "regular." Like 'Shivanirs" and "Aqua Grotto," for example. Both are non-HDR.


    Aqua Grotto
    Aqua Grotto

    His portfolio can be seen on flickr.
    Stuck in Customs on flickr

    What is HDR? Other than one of my new favorite things EVER and something marked in bold letters on my "To Do" list? Well here is what Trey had to say on his site:

    "About HDR – High Dynamic Range
    I specialize in a new trend called High Dynamic Range photography. HDR enables the photographer to create a color and light palette that goes beyond the normal aperture and shutter speed of the basic shot.

    In my judgment, a well-executed HDR image is evocative of the actual scene itself. When a human eye is actually on location, it is constantly moving, adjusting the pupil size, allowing in more light in some areas, less in others, and the visual cortex actually works to build a patch-like vision of the scene. That is what we remember in our mind’s eye: an idealized super-realistic memory of the scene. HDR appeals to those people that actually see the world like this.


    HDR normally involves multiple exposures of a scene at different stops (i.e. +4, +2, 0, -2, -4). These images are then processed and tone mapped for contrast and luminosity settings in sort of a techno-custom-software-darkroom until a light balance is achieved. HDR can also be used with single exposures in RAW format with a similar tone mapping process."


    It's updated almost daily- he's at Disney World with his kids right now, for example, so he's posted some amazing pictures that will show you a side of the Magically Overpriced Kingdom that you haven't seen before.

    Photography is his hobby, I might add. His "real" job is as the head of a video game company, John Galt Games. According to the bio, "John Galt is the enigmatic protagonist of Ayn Rand's 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged. In that book, John Galt is slowly revealed as the man who single handedly "moves the world" from its overwhelming hopelessness and despair to a new future bright with promise and possibilities.
    John Galt Games Link

    At any rate, I'd highly recommend that you cast a glance his way. You'll like what you see, I think.

    *Trey's photos are copyrighted for non-commercial use only*

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    Me Shoot Pretty One Day: Favorite Photography Blogs

    Stuck in Customs HDR Photography Blog {Trey Ratcliff}

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    "It's better to die standing than live on your knees."
    Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
    Not all who wander are lost.
    Save The Whales. Collect The Whole Set!
    Talk only if you can improve on the silence.
    Women fly when men aren’t watching.
    Little piece of advice. Your honker's cute in person. Peephole? Not your friend.
    I'm sorry, did I interupt you eating your baby?
    I'm allergic to felt.
    While you're at it, why don't you become a superhero? Captain Neck Fat.
    Take a SWAG at it- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess.....
    I didn't see anything but the Tweetie Bird on his ass.....
    Oh my God. It's finally happened. The Botox has seeped into your brain.
    Follow the bread crumbs, Gretel.
    First I was victimized by a grizzly. And now you.
    This is even more disturbing than your bag full of Mommy.
    Always be sure they have their meds before you do anything else.
    It takes a dark night to bring out the stars.
    "If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than it was because he was he and I was I." Michel Montaigne
    I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-- things I had no words for". -Georgia O'Keeffe
    The mind is like a parachute -it works best when it is open.
    "None. None more black...."
    If we only used things for their intended purpose, we would not be where we are today.
    I knew it was too bad to be true....
    "--Love doesn't end because we no longer see each other. People go on all their lives loving God, don't they, without ever seeing Him.
    --That's not my kind of love.
    --Maybe there's no other kind."
    --I'm jealous of everything that moves. I'm jealous of the rain. "The End of the Affair"
    A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich.

    Where are they from? God only knows. Randomly overheard, uttered by clever (and often inebriated) friends, my own lacking-7 second-delay mouth, Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Monty Python.... pretty much a hodgepodge.

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